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Better in Balance treatment room

Tara Johnson, PT


Our bodies are magnificent pieces of machinery that need all the parts and pieces to function properly so that they can work smoothly, efficiently, and freely.  Bowenwork ® and MNRI ® are both very gentle techniques that help the body to achieve this.  They effect all the systems within our body helping the body to heal and function the way it was meant to.  My background in Physical Therapy has taught me that exercise, stretching, and execution of our actions are all important in assisting our bodies to move correctly, helping prevent injury, and to function at our highest level.  Combining the knowledge gained from my career and these two techniques, I can assist your body in finding its own balance, regulation, and healing properties enabling you to have less pain, move more freely, feel relaxed, and have an general sense of well being.

My business is located on the lower floor of my home.  I have a pathway that is ADA accessible on the lower side of my house offering easy access as well as a private entrance.  I schedule my patients such that you should never have to wait and your time with me will be completely private.

  • MSPT (Master of Science in Physical Therapy)-Pacific University

I graduated from the Physical Therapy program in 1996.  I have worked in various settings since then including skilled nursing facilities, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, acute care, pediatrics, and assisted living facilities.

  • Certified Bowenwork® Practitioner with additional certification in Special Procedures 1& 2-American Bowen Academy

Certified Bowenwork Practitioner (April, 2018)

Certified in Special Procedures 1 (February, 2019)

Certified in Special Procedures 2 (October, 2019)

MNRI® Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration (August, 2018)

MNRI® Archetype Movement Integration (April, 2019)

MNRI® NeuroTactile Integration (May, 2019)

MNRI® Trauma and PTSD Recovery Protocol (June, 2019)

MNRI® Reflex Integration for Stress-Hormone Regulation and Trauma Recovery  (September, 2019)

MNRI® Oral-Motor-Facial Reflex Integration 1 (February, 2021)

MNRI® Oral-Motor-Facial Reflex Integration 2 (April, 2021)

MNRI® Visual and Auditory Reflexes Integration (December 2021)

Medical Advisory Board Member for Northwest Personal Training

  • Professional Partnerships

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