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Better in Balance 



Physical Therapy
Helping the body find optimum function and well being.
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Welcome!  My name is Tara.  I am the owner of Better in Balance, PLLC.  I am a Physical Therapist and graduated from Pacific University in 1996.  In 2017, I started studying Bowenwork ® and found a technique that fueled my passion for helping others.  In April of 2018, I became a Certified Bowenwork Practitioner.  That summer, I began to learn another gentle whole body treatment technique (MNRI ®) in my job which further inspired my quest to help people on a more holistic level.  I continue my journey of learning both of these techniques and other gentle manual techniques because I love helping others to feel better, have less pain, move freer, and live the best and happiest life they can.

I was blessed to be able to stay home with my twins until they were 12 but during that time, I became very interested in manual techniques that helped the body heal from the inside out. Bowenwork® and MNRI ® both work on every system within our body so that our brain, nerves, muscles, circulatory and lymph systems, emotions, ligaments, and tendons all work together as they are meant to so that we can function as optimally as is possible.  I am excited to be able to offer these services in combination with what I have learned in the various settings I have worked in since 1996 and what I continue to learn through continuing education. 


On your first visit there will be an evaluation to help me gather the information I need to create a treatment plan specifically for you based on your goals and needs. T...
Initial Consultation and Treatment
1 hr 30 min
Better in Balance PLLC office area
Better in Balance PLLC treatment room


I believe in a therapy practice where time is leveraged for the patient's benefit.

I do not bill your insurance company because I believe in maximizing the time you spend with me.  I will, however, provide you a detailed receipt of the treatment session at the time of service so that you can submit it to the insurance company on your own.  Payment for services rendered is collected at the time of your appointment.  I accept all major credit cards for your convenience including most HSA and FSA cards.

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